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I loved drawing as a kid, walls, desks, paper, art was all around me. Everything was my canvas. My passion however was Drawing portraits and human caricatures. MAD and Cracked magazines were my obsessive indulgences and inspiration. Those artists who contributed to those books created art that was beautiful and brilliantly clever. Those inner pages in the magazines complimented the already hilarious and satirical masterpieces of the front and back cover. Pen and ink comics inspired me to start emulating their work to create my own crazy caricatures. The caricatures sold faster than the portraits, I loved exaggerating male facial features; However, I could not use that similar style and approach when drawing ladies. "Ladies and girls always have to look beautiful when you draw them" my mom and sister would always say. That is when I stumbled across the girl on the Duran Duran, Rio album cover. What a face! I found the artist was Patrick Nagel, I went to Coles book store and bought a softcover book of his artwork, glad the teller didn’t look through it before allowing me to pay for it, I doubt she would have let a twelve year old buy that type of art book.


For my 14th birthday, my dad bought me a Canon AE-1 camera. I fell in love of photography, I wanted to become a photographer like Karsh, whose portraits energized my soul. For the next several years I was in my element experimenting and convincing people into letting me photograph them at whatever activity they were involved with. I spent a lot of money dropping off film rolls upon film rolls, anxiously awaiting a week in anticipation of photos that were undoubtedly meant for the cover on Tiger Beat or 16 Magazine, only to be let down to open an envelop of poorly composed, underexposed, overexposed and  sometimes even double exposed photographs. I couldn't blame the photo store, I knew those were my inexperience and lack of knowledge. I swore to get better and stop wasting my parent's money on really bad pictures that had no real value. I dedicated my spare time to learn and read whatever I could about photography. I spent days at the library looking though absolutely gorgeous images in photo books and a little bit on reading the mechanical and technical side of photography. How I wished I had YouTube, correction: How I wish I had internet, correction: How I wished we had a personal computers, those came way later in my creative timeline.


When I turned sixteen I spent my savings on a VHS film camera and a recorder which had to be connected together to by these cables that seemed to add an extra10 pounds to this already heavy gear. I filmed home movies, filmed a baptism, filmed a wedding and mostly filmed a bunch of of my friends doing silly stuff. People liked what they saw and I started to get paid for my filming which added to the money from my drawings.


I was asked to create rock poster and a package to promote my friend's brother's band, the band was trying to get a gig at a local bar but needed a promotional package they lied they had. I took photos of the band on a hill on a very windy day, filmed them and designed their logo and made that promotional package. They dropped it off in the afternoon and they got the gig!


Who knew those joys of creating in the early years of my life would turn into such a rewarding career full of creative opportunities and an absolute love of designing. I love exploring and creating new ways to promote people's ideas. I have learned a lot from those early years of doing everything manually and appreciate how technology has helped me speed up those early processes. I have played with a lot of software through my career from all family of Adobe apps to CorelDraw, from drafting in AutoCAD to 3D programs such as REVIT and 3DS Max. Learning software that drives CNC equipment such as ARTCAM and V-Carve Pro, I have loved using these programs to solve real world design problems. It is so gratifying to fuse all those apps and help friends promote their business through personalized branding, transform their idea into visual prototypes while still creating art that gives me a sense of inner pride and fulfillment with each project. Several friends later, I am still that same boy who is curious, passionate and finds joy in learning with every project. So if we find we are a great fit, I would love to work with you to help promote your brand, or your band:)






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